Collaborating with a team of Michelin-starred sommeliers, we hand select stunning wines and neatly deliver them in bold cans. Why? Because the Earth is begging us to shake things up. Drink less, drink better, drink Djuce.

Frizzante  - Bubbly WhiteFrizzante  - Bubbly White

Bresolin Bio Frizzante - Bubbly White €54.00

Marsanne - White WineMarsanne - White Wine

Guffens Marsanne - White Wine €64.00

Zweigelt - Red WineZweigelt - Red Wine

Heinrich Zweigelt - Red Wine €72.00

Juicy - Red WineJuicy - Red Wine

Nittnaus Juicy - Red Wine €72.00

Provence - Rosé WineProvence - Rosé Wine

Famille Chaudière Provence - Rosé Wine €59.00

Kontext - Orange WineKontext - Orange Wine
250ml Sold out
Sold out

Meinklang Kontext - Orange Wine €72.00

Sold out
Syrah - Rosé WineSyrah - Rosé Wine

Bibich Syrah - Rosé Wine €59.00

Rosa - Fizzy RoséRosa - Fizzy Rosé

Meinklang Rosa - Fizzy Rosé €66.00

Riesling - White WineRiesling - White Wine

Mehling Riesling - White Wine €59.00

Beaujolais - Red WineBeaujolais - Red Wine

Dominique Piron Beaujolais - Red Wine €64.00

79% Less C02/L


All our wines are:

Sustainably Farmed

Sustainably Farmed

We only source wines from sustainably farmed vineyards across Europe.

Minimal Sulphites

Minimal Sulphites

Seeking to provide the tastiest wines, we run from zero to just a dash of sulpher.

100% Vegan

100% Vegan

No animals (or humans) were hurt during the winemaking process of Djuce.

Featured Wine Producers


Austria Orange & Rosé

Heart-thumping, exquisite Austrian diversity on full display. A biodynamic and family run operation mixing animals, farming and natural wines.

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Dominique Piron

France Gamay

Distinctness infused with French sophistication. The Piron estate has been making wines since 1590 AD here in Beaujolais - the cradle of the natural wine movement.

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  • Riesling Provence Beaujolais

    Riesling Provence Beaujolais